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Comelec Accused of Deceiving the Public Over Transmission Logs

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Comelec Accused of Deceiving the Public Over Transmission Logs

On March 29, 2023, a letter from the TNT Trio was sent to Atty. George Erwin M. Garcia, Chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelec), alleging that Comelec had deceived the public regarding the transmission logs. The TNT Trio had been waiting for more than 200 days for the transmission logs, which they believe contain proof of transmission of 20 million questionable votes.

In a news item released by Rappler, it was announced that Comelec was releasing the transmission logs. However, upon further analysis, it was discovered that the logs received were actually “reception logs” from the Transparency or Central Server. The TNT Trio had been expecting the transmission data that were the basis of the “Accumulated VCM Transmissions” graph that Comelec showed the public in a forum last October 18, 2022.

The TNT Trio alleges that Chairman Garcia deceived them and the public into believing that they were receiving transmission logs from Comelec. They also questioned the 8-million difference between the 12 million votes in the first hour of transmissions based on the official Comelec report and the 20 million votes that peaked in the same hour based on the unofficial transparency server output, both of which came from Comelec.

They also raised concerns over the possibility of pre-loaded votes and questioned how it was possible for the Vote Counting Machines to start transmitting at 7.08 pm on May 9, given that the printing of eight copies of election results and other administrative tasks that had to be completed before the VCMs could start transmissions would take 30 minutes.

The TNT Trio asked for an explanation from Chairman Garcia and demanded to know why Comelec ignored Namfrel’s warnings of cheating. The letter also questioned why it took Comelec 252 days to respond to their request for proof of transmission.

This latest allegation raises questions about the transparency and credibility of the recent elections. The public awaits a response from Comelec to address these concerns.

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