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[#Marcos100Days] “Pag-ayos ng Endo Bill”

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[#Marcos100Days] “Pag-ayos ng Endo Bill”

On Labor Day last year, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said he would “fine-tune” the Security of Tenure Bill, also known as the Anti-Endo Bill, if elected president.

Stopping “endo” was one of his predecessor’s 2016 campaign pledges. However, Duterte also vetoed the bill intended to end this practice in 2019.

Recently, Senate Majority Leader Joel Villanueva called on the Marcos administration to end the ongoing problem of “endo” in government offices and agencies despite many unfilled permanent positions.

Marcos also failed to raise some key labor issues during his first State of the Nation Address (SONA). Labor groups urged Marcos to end “endo,” pointing out that low pay due to contractualization has made it difficult for many workers to make ends meet, particularly given the rising prices of commodities.



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