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ML@50: “Golden Kuhol”

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ML@50: “Golden Kuhol”

How can a nation “move on” from a tragic past if previous problems continue to persist in the present?

In the early ‘80s, the Marcos dictatorship introduced the attractive apple snail or “golden kuhol” in the Philippines to supplement the protein needs of the hungry populace.

However, because the snails became pests in rice fields, what was meant to be a nutritional remedy turned into a nightmare for farmers. They reproduced quickly, destroying harvests before they could be eaten, which was not much given that the majority of Filipinos did not find the golden kuhol to be as appealing as the government had wanted.

According to Marcos loyalist Sol Jose Vanzi, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. allocated P2 million when he took office as governor of Ilocos Norte to release an army of ducks to eradicate the pests that his father had introduced to the nation.





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