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ML@50: Word of the Day — “Balimbing”

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ML@50: Word of the Day — “Balimbing”

Martial Law Word of the Day — terms that might confuse generations that never experienced Marcos’ brutality, but had meant life or death to the victims.

“Balimbing” is a term that means “turncoat” or “party switcher,” and is based on the many-faced fruit of the same name. During the turbulent Martial Law era, many politicians changed allegiances not out of moral conviction but rather for their own interests. Unfortunately, the term is still widely used since “balimbing” government officials are increasingly common in today’s politics.

The dictator Ferdinand Marcos himself was a classic balimbing, switching in 1965, just before the presidential elections, from the Liberal Party to the Nacionalista Party. Prior to the 2022 polls, his son Bongbong follows in his father’s footsteps by leaving the Nacionalista Party and joining the pro-Duterte Partido Federal ng Pilipinas.




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