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ML@50: Word of the Day — “Pa-morningan”

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ML@50: Word of the Day — “Pa-morningan”

Martial Law Word of the Day — terms that might confuse generations that never experienced Marcos’ brutality, but had meant life or death to the victims.

Because of the 12-4 am curfew hours during martial law which lasted from 1972 to 1977, some people would rather stay where they are past midnight than risk going home and be summarily arrested and held in the nearest military camp overnight.

Curfew violators were moved to the closest prison camp if the military determines there were “valid and compelling reasons” for further detention. Otherwise, they were released the next day. For those who had an approval from the military commander in charge of their area of residence, exemptions were made.

This is the origin of the word “Pa-morningan,” which can still be heard today but used in less disturbing contexts — thanks to our Martial Law heroes.


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